article 2: Duties of Government

It is the primary duty of this government to preserve, protect, and pursue the following fundamental goals and principles:
1. To uphold the unity of the Iranian nation and to maintain it sovereign independence.
2. To maintain a pluralistic democratic nation in which power is transferred via the free will of our citizens.
3. The preservation of healthy democratic institutions on the basis of the elimination of corruption and the complete separation of power between the executive, legislative and judicial branches.
4. To protect the nation from external or internal aggression.
5. To completely uphold the principals of basic human rights as laid down in this constitution.
6. To encourage a free and open economy as well as private commerce.
7. To promote the highest quality of educational resources for all citizens of Iran.
8. To promote the highest quality of health care for the people of Iran.
9. To continuously work with citizens to improve upon the physical, technological and economic infrastructure of the nation.
10. To enforce the constitution and all laws established by the citizens of Iran or their elected representatives.