The Democratic Nation of Iran is a coalition of individuals and organizations dedicated to the realization of a true democracy in Iran.

Our mission is to establish a true democracy; to unite all democratic forces; to establish the rule of law; to stimulate the economy; and to inspire your spirit, heart & mind! We are dedicated to human rights, a democratic government, and a prosperous economy. We respect international law, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the United Nations Charter.

DNI is committed to improving the lives of the Iranian people. We will never sacrifice our independence or natural resources. We will never renege on our commitment to human rights and democracy. We will greatly increase the salaries of all police and military personnel. We will give every student the chance to pursue their educational aspirations. We promise to improve the economy, develop new jobs, and increase business opportunities.

Our social division is focused on developing the values of democracy, mobilizing people and spreading the word about our movement. Our economic division is focused on raising money for the movement. Our intelligence branch is focused on gathering information. Our political division is focused on establishing democratic institutions and developing an alternative government to replace this regime. Our operational division is focused on defending and supporting the other branches of this movement for freedom and democracy. We welcome all contributions of capital and other material resources.

We call upon Iranians around the world to unite and to help each other. We have seen the kindness, intelligence, and resourcefulness of our people. We know that even though we are all very independent minded, in times of crisis and war, we can join together and help one another. Get involved, help yourself and help your nation.

Please read our manifesto and constitution to get a detailed overview of our ideology, platform, and objectives. All comments, suggestions, and input would be greatly appreciated. We look forward to the day when Iran is a free, democratic, and prosperous nation.

Your contribution will make a big difference. Please consider supporting democracy in Iran by helping us develop this website and making other improvements:.