Steps to Liberty - How we will achieve democracy in Iran.

The following is a list of steps we plan to take and how we wish to spend the contributions collected.

1. Work with a webmaster or find a volunteer who can program in PHP. Need somebody who speaks both English and Farsi.
2. Finalize the website and translation of documents from public comments and suggestions..
3. Develop an audio and video broadcast station over the internet and satellite that will also have a public access channel.
4. Develop materials on how to implement grassroots democratic government on a village, city, provincial, & national level.
5. Find and recruit charismatic leaders who will help build critical mass.
6. Develop sources of long term financial support.
7. Provide funding for satellite internet service and Virtual Private networking servers into Iran in order to bypass tracking, filtering and monitoring.
8. Work on ideas about how to rescue political prisoners.
9. Develop an alternative shadow government and transitional leadership.
10. Provide training & education on developing defensive & law enforcement resources for civilians and a new government.
11. Hold a constitutional convention to help build consensus among rival factions fighting for democracy.
12. Build relationships with key government and military leaders to gain backing for our efforts to achieve democracy.
13. Develop training videos in Farsi on how to build democratic institutions from the bottom-up.
14. Provide internet based tools for direct democracy.
15. Build a volunteer force of translators, programmers, and other experts.
16. Teach techniques for non-violent civil disobedience.
17. Develop methods of psychological warfare against the military regime.
18. Develop a powerful and national communications network for protestors and supporters.
19. Gain international recognition
20. Support the removal of the regime from power and establish a democratic government for the people, by the people.

This is the people's movement. We would like your input. Please feel free to make any comments. All feedback would be greatly appreciated. Should we ad more steps, should we modify certain ideas? Tell us how we can work together and what you think we need to do in order to help achieve freedom in Iran.


This is the right way . I can pramming in PHP but i speak not Farsi ...

By Anonymous (not verified)