Constitution for the Democratic Nation of Iran

Constitution of the Democratic Nation of Iran
Draft 6 Published on August 4, 2009


This is draft 6 of a democratic constitution. This constitution may be utilized by a republic, a Democratic Monarchy, or a symbolic theocracy. Any government in Iran must be democratic and chosen by the people. The citizens of Iran are the sovereign; they are the highest form of political authority.

Why a constitution?
We believe that the strategy which will truly achieve freedom, democracy, & human rights in Iran is a grassroots bottom-up community effort which addresses social, political, & military challenges.
Unlike the previous revolution, a blueprint needs to be developed to make it clear what people are struggling to accomplish; and to insure the people's desire for democracy is realized. This blueprint could also be referred to as a constitution; which will need to be ratified by the people after the regime is removed or reformed. In addition, it is important for the opposition to agree upon what we are fighting for, and to agree upon the structure of the future democratic system.

Note: We are also working on developing a "Manual for Revolution"; which outlines strategies and tactics for defeating the current military system. This handbook for democracy wil be a critical training tool and a guiding light. Our constitution will be incorporated into this manual.

This is the people's constitution. All comments, suggestions, and criticisms are welcome. Click on "Printer Friendly Version" to see the entire document.
Please make your general comments about the constitution on this page. If you wish to contribute language or changes to the constitution, please do that on the specific page for that article in question.
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A republic and a democracy are identical in every aspect except one. In a republic the sovereignty is in each individual person. In a democracy the sovereignty is in the group.

Republic. That form of government in which the powers of sovereignty are vested in the people and are exercised by the people, either directly, or through representatives chosen by the people, to whome those powers are specially delegated. [NOTE: The word "people" may be either plural or singular. In a republic the group only has advisory powers; the sovereign individual is free to reject the majority group-think. USA/exception: if 100% of a jury convicts, then the individual loses sovereignty and is subject to group-think as in a democracy.]

Democracy. That form of government in which the sovereign power resides in and is exercised by the whole body of free citizens directly or indirectly through a system of representation, as distinguished from a monarchy, aristocracy, or oligarchy. [NOTE: In a pure democracy, 51% beats 49%. In other words, the minority has no rights. The minority only has those privileges granted by the dictatorship of the majority.]

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.Greetings Jamshid,
I very much like your idea of a Democratic Iran, You have a good heart and strong words.

Mr. Azadi

By Anonymous (not verified)

I support the Islamic Republic of Iran's current constitution. What I think needs to happen is a stronger adherence to it so that our nation may be stronger and resist aggression from certain powers. I like your sentiments though.

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